Day 34-Low Carb Day


Low carb day aint so bad! To give you guys an idea, on my low carb day I only eat 60g of carbs total for the day. Sounds awful but I definitely make up for it on my higher carb days and it’s a good way to keep all your hormone levels balanced and switch things up on your body so you don’t plateau. Not necessary rather just something I like to do!

I save my “cheat” foods for my high carb days and try and eat as healthy as I can on my lower carb days! It’s a good way for me to balance things out and avoid overeating or having crazy cheat meal days (besides as seen in my previous post, but I’ve learned my lession :P).

So today I wanted to show you exactly what I ate yesterday and how I approach low carb day! You can see my first low carb day HERE.

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Days 31, 32, & 33- Weekend Recap- Carbicide

Day 31- 4.15.16

Nothing too exciting went on this day, it was supposed to be my first high carb day but I was on the go too much to make that work so I just ended up eating a few protein bars and normal meals. I’m sad I missed my first high carb day but I definitely made up for it and more the next day…

Day 32- 4.16.16

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Day 30 – TOO MUCH


My bad! I haven’t posted in the past 4 days but here I am to hit you with a bunch of posts and catch up! Sorry if it’s annoying :P.

This day I had wayy to much “fun” food, in my opinion. I hit all my macros/numbers correctly but I could of had more “whole” foods and done the same. This is something I want to work on more. Although i’ll have at least 2 meals per day (not including breakfast) that are strictly whole foods: lean protein and veggies, I feel like I need to be making more of my foods whole. I’ll show you what I mean in today’s FDOE (Full Day of Eating):

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Day 29- My Top 5 Tips for Staying Fit & Low Carb Day 1

Helllooo low,low carb day, surprisingly it was not bad at all. I was dreading it but I managed to keep myself satisfied all day besides the fact that I barely had any carbs! It definitely also helped that I didn’t step foot in the gym this day, no cardio, no abs, nothing. I realized I hadn’t taken a day off from the gym in 10 days and decided it was time. I wanted to go but knew my body needed some rest instead. I’m not addicted (okay maybe I am) but I just love the way the gym makes me feel- it’s just part of my daily routine, something I always do and it provides nothing but positive things for me in my life.
I will go through what I ate today on this low carb day and also share with you some of my tips for staying fit!

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Day 28- Carb Cycling Grocery Haul


Am I the only one who loves going grocery shopping and sharing what I bought with people? And looking at other peoples grocery hauls to see what they got? Yeah, probably.

Today I will be sharing another grocery haul with you! (see other “grocery haul” type posts herehere, and here)

But first I want to share my breakfast, it was a little different today. For my fat source I used peanut butter instead of turkey bacon. I found my favorite peanut butter ever during this grocery trip and couldn’t wait to break into it. So i put a few grams of it in my oatmeal. If you have never tried peanut butter in your oatmeal you should definitely give it a go! It melts in the hot oatmeal and is absolutely delicious, especially if you also put some fruit in there.

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Day 27- FDOE: First Day of Carb Cycling


Today I wanted to share a FDOE (Full Day of Eating) on my first day of carb cycling. Carb cycling is the idea of having certain days be lower carb while others are moderate and high carb days. This replaces the cheat meal to help keep your metabolism running efficiently. But you can basically have a “cheat meal” on your high carb day because your carbs will most likely be double what they normally are. For me the first day of carb cycling was a moderately high day, so you’ll be seeing more carbs than usual in my FDOE. I will also be sharing what I eat on the lower carb days to show how you can stay full all day without eating many carbs.

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Day 26- Chest, Shoulders, & Brownies


I had the best workout today in awhile. My boyfriend and I did 4 chest exercises and 4 or 5 shoulder exercises. It was great and boy am I sore today. I always have a better workout when I go with a workout buddy who is focused and ready to push me. I end up trying heavier weight and doing more reps than if I had went alone.

My boyfriend was the one who introduced me to the gym and has been lifting for yearss before I ever even met him. He has so much knowledge in the gym and always brings that intensity to our workouts that makes you want to lift 200 lbs and smash through a wall. Haha okay not really but he knows how to have a good workout. It’s all business when we go in there, music blasting and motivation pouring.

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Day 25-Cheat Meal!


So I’ve been having one “cheat” meal a week, basically to keep my sanity and increase my leptin and ghrelin levels (both regulate appetite while leptin regulates body weight and fat mass). If you diet for too long on too low of calories then your leptin and ghrelin levels will continue to decrease. Which is bad because this effects your metabolism making it harder for you to lose weight (essentially). So it’s important not to “diet down” or keep your calories too low for too long. Hence why people have cheat meals or do carb cycling (which I’m actually starting on Monday :)!).

But enough of the boring science (jk I love you science) and onto the cheat meal.

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Day 24- I failed


Failure is not a negative word, unless you make it one. That is if you let that failure lead to anger, or you use it as an excuse to give up. Failure is great- it means you tried something new unsure of how it would turn out. Failure is a learning opportunity, if you fail then you know what you did wrong for next time.

I failed at a few things today, it was a pretty good day 😛

IMG_4166 - Edited

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