This blog serves as my personal accountability for my journey to a better, more fit me! I want to gain muscle and strength while loosing fat, and not eliminating any foods from my diet. Becoming the best version of myself in a safe, fun, and healthy way. The main focus of this blogย is to never compare myself to anyone other than the person I was yesterday. This blog is not about looking like a certain fitness model or having someone elseโ€™s abs, butt, legs, hair, etc. It is about being your own role model and living your life to your full potential. Follow me along to see my progress and how I accomplish all my goals!

A little about me:

  • My name is Sam (yes, short for Samantha but no one calls me that :))
  • I have a bachelors of Science in Dietetics (basically, nutrition science)
  • I worked as a Nutritionist for almost 2 years
  • I love lifting, food, cats, and tea
  • I set out to inspire and motivate

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