Changes & New Things

So obviously I haven’t posted in what… 15 days? …. there’s no getting around that. The daily blogging was something I was doing for me, for fun, and to hold myself accountable on my journey. But when I had a day, or 15, where I just didn’t feel like blogging and it felt more like a chore or something I had to do rather than a positive addition to my day, I just didn’t do it! Simple as that :P. Now if it were for a job, or an obligation, or I had a ton of followers I would never do that. But since this is basically just for me, I waited until it was something I wanted to do again. Call it a vacation 🙂 But I’m back and I don’t think this time around I will be doing the daily blogging or the “days” anymore. Just rather when I have something new to share: advice, tips, workouts, recipes, i’ll share them!

In the past 15 days I’ve definitely made a lot of changes. My workouts are finally starting to improve even more now with the new gym and all the access I have to different equipment and they’re just going to keep getting better and more intense! I haven’t made myself a “plan” or a weekly workout schedule. Basically the day of I just think of what I’ve worked lately, move around and see what’s not sore that I could actually work, then pull up the notes section on my phone and plan a workout. I usually focus on one muscle group but for example yesterday I wanted to do back, but also chest, and also work on my squats, and do abs and cardio. So I did all 5- only took my about an hour and a half maybe?

But that’s how my life has been going lately and I’ve rather enjoyed it. No crazy strict plans to follow, just working hard and going with how I feel and letting that guide what I do. I’ve also been adding in some yoga and stretching because of how sore I’ve been with the workouts.

I’ve made some changes to my foods as well! As you’ve seen if you follow my blog I tend to eat the same things over and over. And I like it that way! I’ve always been like that, once I find something I like i’ll eat it for a month or two then switch it up and eventually go back.

Here are some things I’ve been loving these past 2 weeks:

This is going to be a long one… hope you’re ready… grab a snack or something… I would.

IMG_4995 - EditedIMG_4999 - EditedIMG_5206 - Edited

Omelets with bell peppers and laughing cow cheese wedges! The spicy pepper jack to be exact. This combo is so good and I love how it changed up my eggs- I was getting a little bored of plain eggs.

IMG_5041 - Edited

Smoothies and hard boiled eggs- another way to get your protein in at breakfast without having to eat 3 eggs every morning. I hide some protein powder in with my smoothies! Plus protein from the hard boiled egg and peanut butter.

IMG_4989 - Edited

Cream of wheat instead of oatmeal! Switching up my carbs a little bit- i’ll also mix protein powder in with it because protein = muscle growth amiright?

One combo I just discovered post workout yesterday was cooking cream of wheat then adding a little extra water to thin it out and mixing in white chocolate protein powder. I couldn’t believe how delicious this was post workout. I’ll have to remember to get a pic of the consistency today- that made all the difference, for me at least!

IMG_5154 - Edited

I forgot how much I loved pumpernickel bread so I’ve been having that sometimes in the morning instead of oatmeal. Here is one slice toasted and topped with fat free cream cheese and strawberry jam. IMG_5215 - Edited

This was actually this mornings breakfast- side note, I used to write “dis morning” when I was younger for way longer than i’d like to admit 😛 I honestly thought that’s what it was! Haha guess that’s cause I’m a New Yorker and that’s how we pronounced it? Who knows! – I melted on wedge of spicy pepper jack cheese into my scrambled eggs and put the bell peppers on the side this time. Plus one slice pumpernickel bread toasted and topped with peanut butter and another half toasted and topped with smart balance.

IMG_5116 - EditedIMG_5168 - Edited

Also had steak a few times (probably my favorite food- but you have to eat it rare otherwise there’s no point) and I’ve been making zucchini noodles on the daily because so good. Above with the steak is actually zucchini and summer squash sauteed together. IMG_5211 - Edited

But the way I’ve really enjoyed making them lately for lunch is in ribbon form mixed with matchstick carrots and chopped up chicken sauteed in salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic powder, and soy sauce. Easy, quick, great tasting, and healthy stir fry.

IMG_5194 - Edited

Here I just sliced the zucchini instead of breaking out the spiralizer but same thing made with soy sauce- try it!

IMG_5147 - Edited

Also made these “Chip-less Chicken Nachos” one day for lunch. Just baked chicken chopped up and topped with Mexican blend cheese and salsa- just a different way to eat baked chicken, and not bad!

Now onto some new snacks I’ve been incorporating into my “diet” (what I eat on a daily basis- no actual diet)

IMG_4975 - Edited

Smoothies of course, always with fruit, spinach, yogurt, almond milk, protein powder, lemon juice, and sometimes peanut butter!IMG_5049 - EditedIMG_5048 - Edited

Apple sandwiches or just regular apple slices with peanut butter and chocolate chips- great combo.
IMG_5133 - Edited

Instead of apples you could also use rice cakes with peanut butter and chocolate chips (or whatever toppings you want).

IMG_4979 - Edited (1)

One night my boyfriend tried to make a smoothie but it came out as a sorbet instead haha. I need to figure out what he did because this was actually delicious and fun to eat. Felt like I was eating ice cream or a slushy, but healthy!

IMG_5137 - Edited

I’ve been craving pop tarts so I HAD to go out and buy a box. Forget all the fancy new flavors (jk I love all those too) but I had to throw it back old school with the maple brown sugar – one of the originals and one of the best.

IMG_5155 - Edited

I’ve also been eating a lot more fruit for some of my carb sources. I like making little fruit salads on the side of either breakfast or lunch with bananas, strawberries, cuties (tangerines) and blueberries. I can’t get enough of those cuties they are so gooood. IMG_5135 - EditedA bedtime snack of chopped veggies dipped in a laughing cow cheese wedge- I can’t believe a whole wedge is only 1.5 fat, 1 carb, and 2 protein- that’s nothing!

IMG_5190 - Edited

Woops… not sure how these got in here… moving on…

IMG_5107 - Edited
IMG_5100 - EditedIMG_5092 - Edited

Ok now I’m just embarrassed… this was all split up over 2 weeks though alright! Haha I was craving cookies one night and I’ve had this box of cookies and cream stuffed chocolate chip cookies mix in my pantry since August 2015- it was time to eat them. And boy were they worth it. I want to make them from scratch next time though rather than using the box mix, I think I can make them a little better 🙂

I decided to try a new brand of protein bars since I heard some people raving about the Oh Yeah! One bars. I ordered the variety pack and they were okay. I probably wouldn’t buy them all again but I may buy the lemon cake and cookies and cream ones- those were pretty good! Birthday cake was better when I heated it up but had too many sprinkles in my opinion. I’ll stick to Power Crunch and Fit Crunch brands for now.
IMG_5033 - Edited

Also restocked on some protein powders- Body tech vanilla and chocolate are great less expensive protein powders for cooking and baking. Also tried Optimum Nutrition for the first time- got the white chocolate flavor- not bad! Optimum Nutrition is one of the highest rated protein brands! IMG_5035 - Edited (1)One thing I really hope is true and want to try:
IMG_5195 - Edited

Fruity pebble Oreos!? They also said Swedish fish and blueberry muffin flavors are to come as well!! Swedish fish and fruity pebbles are two of my favorite things alongside pop tarts so I’m beyond excited for these flavors. No idea when they are coming however. IMG_5117 - Edited

I found this picture of me on my birthday last year (my birthday is in June so almost exactly a year ago). Ignore my sister obnoxiously screaming happy birthday into my ear. But I couldn’t believe how skinny my arms were just a year ago. You never realize how far you’ve come until you look back – made me much happier with the progress I have made so far, even tho I still have a long way to go. I don’t have any of my old pictures with me (their on my brothers and parents computers back in Georgia before I got a new computer) but I will have to get some next time I’m there and really look at the comparisons! IMG_5127 - Edited (2)

I really haven’t taken any “selfies” or progress pics in the past 2 weeks. Here is the one I do have that my boyfriend took. Loving the definition in my shoulders! IMG_5060 - Edited

And i’ll leave you with spoiled Riley surrounded by all his toys and still looking at me to play with him. Who is all over me as we speak looking for attention as I try to write this!

Hope someone can take some meal ideas away from this! Off to the gym- working legs today!!  Have a great day!


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