Day 41- SNAP Fitness, Mug Muffin, & Zucchini Noodles


Good Morning! Along with my eggs and turkey bacon this morning I made blueberries and cream oatmeal, instead of strawberries and cream, it was time for a change- I’ve been eating strawberries with breakfast for 40 days now 😛

IMG_4775 - Edited

Sorry for the messy bowl but honestly i’m more concerned with eating my food while it’s warm then getting a good picture and making it look all pretty 😛

I was out all day running errands: finally getting my Texas drivers license, dropping off packages, picking up our key cards for SNAP FITNESS (!!!), and grocery shopping. But before I ran out I made this amazing blueberry mug muffin. I found the recipe HERE but adjusted it some for what I like/what I had on hand. I meant to add a scoop of vanilla protein powder to the mix as well but totally forgot :/ .

IMG_4779 - Edited

It was sooo good! Best microwave mug recipe I have tried so far. The way I made it, it had 24g carbs, 9g fat, and would of had 26g protein if I had remembered the protein powder! I topped it off with some Walden Farms Zero Calorie pancake syrup and sprinkled on half a packet of truvia.

IMG_4786 - Edited

In case I haven’t said it enough in previous posts: SNAP Fitness opened today!! The excitement is unreal. Now just have to wait for the boyfriend to get off work so we can go.

While I was grocery shopping I picked up these two things as well: A single-serve blender and a vegetable spiralizer. I have been craving a smoothie and some zucchini noodles so these were necessary. I used the blender this morning and it’s amazing! Has so much power and blends everything perfectly. It comes with 4 different sized cups with lids as well and was only $40!

FINALLY. SNAP Fitness is open! I honestly couldn’t do another workout in my tiny apartment gym. Once I walked into a REAL gym I was immediately recharged and ready to go. I felt so much more motivated and couldn’t wait to lift some heavy weight. Compared to walking into my tiny apartment gym and just wanting to get it done and trying to come up with things to do.

The gym was so nice, clean and new. And the owners are awesome! I loved all the motivational quotes they had on the walls and the lighting and mirrors were perfect– finally, I can check out my form again! (My apartment gym had NO mirrors). Not to mention they picked some great equipment- so excited to make this my second home 😛

IMG_4807 - Edited

They have this awesome American flag mural on one wall made up of selfies of a ton of SNAP Fitness members

IMG_4800 - Edited

Post shoulder and tricep workout 

When we got home it was time to try out the vegetable spiralizer (I think I made up that word…)

IMG_4802 - Edited

Where have you been all my li-i-i-ife

IMG_4806 - Edited

We made zucchini noodles topped with sauteed chicken and pasta sauce!

To make the zucchini noodles I just spiralized 2 zucchinis using the thin julienne attachment, tossed them in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and sauteed over medium heat. We used 2 whole zucchinis which was not enough! Next time I’m getting at least 5. It was so good and it’s such a low carb “pasta” type meal. For basically an entire spiralized zucchini it was only 4g of carbs.

Have a great day! 🙂

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