Days 39 & 40- Weekend


Ahhh the weekendddd YAY (too bad it’s Monday right now…)

I decided to try intuitive eating this weekend, simply because my workouts aren’t hard core enough to justify the carb cycling (BUT SNAP Fitness opens today and now they will!!). So I didn’t track, just tried to make smart choices off of my knowledge of macros, what my body needs, and how I felt.

We had a ton of that left over slow cooker shredded chicken to eat so I ate it 3 different ways before it was finally all gone! But it was so good i’ll definitely be making that again soon.

IMG_4726 - Edited (1)

Shredded taco chicken, sauteed bell peppers, sweet potato

IMG_4729 - Edited

Shredded taco chicken topped with Mexican blend cheese, almonds, broccoli

IMG_4744 - Edited

Brown rice mixed with shredded taco chicken topped with salsa and avocado, side salad

Then came the real fun! My boyfriend works for the Hershey Company and he’s been around so many s’mores advertisements and talk that we just had to have one … or two … or three. Okay I should have stopped after two but I forgot how simply amazing the combination of graham cracker, marshmallow, and chocolate was. We were so impressed we had to look up who invented them to pay our respects (bahaha).

Caution: Food porn to follow, do not look if you are currently hungry 😛

IMG_4754 - EditedIMG_4751 - EditedIMG_4749 - Edited

We also spent an hour or two roller blading at the park! We know, we’re too cool. It’s a fun, different way to get outside and be active. Hello childhood. It’s a great leg workout as well 😉 My boyfriend is a natural, jumping stairs and blading backwards, then there’s me with my knee and elbow pads juts trying not to trip on a stick.

But I get better every time & it’s super fun! 🙂


There’s nothing like Sunday morning breakfast! We made some protein french toast topped with bananas sauteed in cinnamon and fresh strawberries. And of course eggs and turkey bacon.

IMG_4757 - EditedIMG_4756 - Edited

Then we cleaned the apartment and made another slow cooker recipe!

IMG_4760 - Edited

Nothing like a clean apartment

IMG_4764 - Edited

I liked my black romper so I snapped a pic? Haha ugh i’m so pale.

The slow cooker recipe we tried this time was Thai Peanut Chicken over white rice and it was delish, once again the slow cooker has yet to fail me. Here’s the link to the recipe: Thai Peanut Chicken. The girls blog I found it on has so many good looking recipes! Not too macro friendly however but I still may try some more 🙂

IMG_4773 - Edited

The thing I love most about slow cooker recipes (besides that it takes barely any work) is that you can prepare so much at once and it makes for a ton of left overs! I love eating left overs because who wants to cook every single meal!?

And i’d be lying if I said I didn’t have another s’more for dessert … but only one! They so good. We made them in the over btw: just put one graham cracker topped with a marshmallow under the broiler for a few seconds (watch them they will brown quickly!) and then took them out and topped with chocolate and another graham cracker square.

Hope y’all had a great weekend!


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