Day 38- Eat Cupcakes


I decided to try another “healthy” junk food recipe today (previous recipes tried on blog: protein cake, and protein brownies) and it lead me to a realization. This time around I made protein cupcakes topped with fat free cream cheese as “frosting”. I mean, they were fine and all, fun to eat and decorate, but not necessarily good. I wouldn’t go out of my way to make these or get excited over them. They were basically just a way for me to still eat cupcakes without all the calories, fats, carbs, and sugars. But in reality they taste nothing like the real thing. Of course they don’t they aren’t made with sugar and butter.

The realization I made was that instead of struggling to find all these recipes for a healthier way to eat junk food on a daily basis, why not just enjoy the real thing in moderation and forgo the sub-par substitutes? I realized that instead of putting some of my carbs, proteins, and fats towards these impostors daily, why not just eat real whole foods to get these nutrients and then later on sink my teeth into a much deserved real treat?

Instead of pretending like a dry, bitter-tasting protein cupcake is an acceptable substitute for a moist, full fat, chocolate cupcake with a rich buttercream frosting (who are we kidding?), why not just eat a moist, full fat, chocolate cupcake with a rich buttercream frosting!? And enjoy it! But only have one, and don’t have another for a while until you’ve decided it’s time to indulge smartly and treat yourself again. As opposed to eating crappy cupcakes on the daily.

Maybe it’s just me, but that seems like a much better way to live. Feeding your body healthy, whole foods that will do you wonders, make you feel amazing, and add years to your life, while also eating a cupcake, a slice of pizza, and whatever the hell else you want (in moderation) because life is too short not to enjoy the real thing.

With all that being said, of course these “healthy protein recipes” are a fun way to get your protein in and an okay substitute if you really can’t afford to eat the real thing. And i’ll probably still try some from time to time or when I’m really craving something bad and just can’t justify eating the real thing. But why are we always looking for ways to eat what we want without actually eating it? If you’ve been craving a brownie for 5 weeks now, please, go eat a brownie.

Here are my dry-nothing-like-a-real-cupcake protein cupcakes 😛 (I actually ended up throwing 2 away I just couldn’t find myself eating any more!)

IMG_4695 - Edited (1)IMG_4694 - Edited (1)IMG_4682 - Edited

So I guess what I am trying to say is, live a healthy life, take care of your body, feed it good healthy food that it NEEDS, and treat yourself every once in awhile. And when you do treat yourself be mindful of it. Sit down, take it all in, smell it, taste each bite. Don’t just inhale an entire sleeve of Oreos while watching Gilmore Girls.

If you were to indulge in something right now what would it be!?


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