Day 36- Strawberries and Cream: High Carb Day


Today was high carb day! 210 grams of carbs woooo! It was actually kind of hard to do with what I had on hand in my apartment. I need to go out and buy more high carb foods for next week. But, I got it done and I made sure I had a great leg, ab, and HIIT workout to put all those carbs to use.

HIIT is High Intensity Interval training, it’s a great way to burn fat without having to walk on the treadmill for hours on end. Instead you go hard for 15-20 minutes and your done, but you’ve done as much work (if not more) as completing hours of LISS cardio. For my HIIT workout I did 20 seconds of sprinting on the treadmill at a speed of 10.8 followed by walking at about 1.5 until I felt my heart rate had gone back down completely. I repeated this 6 times and in total it took me 15 minutes to complete.

HIIT can be done on any equipment you like: stair master, bike, battle rops, sprints, etc. It is said to burn fat more effectively than any other type of cardio and takes a fraction of the time.

As far as food for the day here are a few of the foods I ate throughout my high carb day (not a full day of eating).

I’ve been making my oatmeal a little differently and I LOVE it. I’ve been adding some vanilla protein powder and unsweetened almond milk and it comes out fluffier, and when I mix in the strawberries it tastes like strawberries and cream ❤

IMG_4593 - Edited


I also made a chicken fajita wrap which turned out amazingggg. I sauteed some already baked chicken with bell peppers in a pan with just olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and soy sauce. Then I mixed in some fat free mozzarella cheese and heated up the wrap. I need to make this more.

IMG_4608 - EditedIMG_4612 - EditedIMG_4613 - Edited

I tried a new flavor of one of my favorite brands of protein bars: power crunch. I tried the mint chocolate flavor and it tasted just like a thin mint cookie! Love!

IMG_4600 - Edited

I had way too many rice cakes, like I said I found it hard to hit 210 grams of carbs with just the foods I had in my apartment, I will be more prepared next time! (By the end of the day I had 6 rice cakes total … not fun)

IMG_4601 - Edited

My post workout meal was also delicious, I sauteed the chicken and vegetables the same way I did for my wrap earlier and quickly microwaved a sweet potato. I put peanut butter and cinnamon on top of the sweet potato as well (so good, don’t judge just try it). IMG_4621 - Edited

Just because it was high carb day I didn’t use that as an excuse to eat a bunch of junk, I tried to get most of my carbs from my oatmeal, the tortilla, sweet potato, vegetables, and of course rice cakes 🙂 Actually, the only other source of carbs I had this day was 2 Eggo waffles and a Monster Rehab. I also made sure I started eating early (about 7am) to have plenty of time to eat everything.

Hope everyone had a healthy, active day! 🙂


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