Day 34-Low Carb Day


Low carb day aint so bad! To give you guys an idea, on my low carb day I only eat 60g of carbs total for the day. Sounds awful but I definitely make up for it on my higher carb days and it’s a good way to keep all your hormone levels balanced and switch things up on your body so you don’t plateau. Not necessary rather just something I like to do!

I save my “cheat” foods for my high carb days and try and eat as healthy as I can on my lower carb days! It’s a good way for me to balance things out and avoid overeating or having crazy cheat meal days (besides as seen in my previous post, but I’ve learned my lession :P).

So today I wanted to show you exactly what I ate yesterday and how I approach low carb day! You can see my first low carb day HERE.

I like to put off breakfast a little longer on low carb days just because I know I’m not going to be eating as much and won’t have as much food to spread out throughout the day. If you have a ton of food to eat that day you want to start as early as possible to be able to fit it all in without running out of time or getting too full. But this day was the opposite for me so I held off breakfast until about 10:30am.

Meal 1: 25g carbsIMG_4538 - EditedIMG_4536 - Edited

I love eating carbs in the morning, after being in a fasted state for 8+ hours that’s just what my body craves. So instead of skipping the carbs in my first meal I just tried to keep them relatively low. Also having carbs earlier in the day gives me more time to put them to use! I made french toast with 2 slices Sara Lee 45 cal 100% whole wheat bread, 1 egg, cinnamon, 25ml unsweetened almond milk, and 5g vanilla protein powder. And boy was it gooood! I topped it with 10g of melted while chocolate peanut butter and walden farms zero calorie maple syrup.

Meal 2: 5g carbsIMG_4540 - Edited

I decided to save my normal egg whites and strawberries I usually also have with breakfast for my next meal a few hours later. I was full off of the french toast and turkey bacon anyway. Here is 100g egg whites, 1 whole egg, and 50g strawberries.

Meal 3: 2g carbs

I had 10g of almonds and 100g baked chicken with a drizzle of sriracha. Looks unapitizing but it was good!

Meal 4: 12g carbsIMG_4547 - Edited

157g of Salmon, 100g of broccoli, and a side salad with bell peppers, cucumbers, fat free mozzarella cheese, and a balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

Meal 5: 14g carbsIMG_4548 - Edited

And to finish off the day I had one serving (60g) of my 5 ingredient protein brownies!

Total carbs for the day: 59g

Doesn’t look so bad does it!? I still managed to have french toast and brownies, i’d call that a success. I also use this day as a rest day, as I did on the last low carb day. Working out just makes you hungry and also requires a lot of energy. It would just be silly to try and workout when I am low on energy and it would be cruel to do a hard workout and then not be able to feed my body all it needs for recovery and development.

Only one more day until my high carb day!


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