Days 31, 32, & 33- Weekend Recap- Carbicide

Day 31- 4.15.16

Nothing too exciting went on this day, it was supposed to be my first high carb day but I was on the go too much to make that work so I just ended up eating a few protein bars and normal meals. I’m sad I missed my first high carb day but I definitely made up for it and more the next day…

Day 32- 4.16.16

Oops, I did it again. Decided to forgo the day and went crazy with the food, since I missed my high carb day and I wasn’t in the best mood I decided to eat whatever I wanted this day and have some fun! Boy was I wrong, it was not fun, haha. If there is one thing I can teach others and continue to teach myself is that having a “free-for-all” day and going crazy with food is never a good idea. You WILL feel like crap after or in my case the next few days. I’m still recovering from this day and I will never do this again.

I started off the day with a big breakfast of pancakes, eggs, turkey bacon, and strawberries. Later we went out to sign up for SNAP Fitness (Opens on April 25th!!!!) and we stopped in this little coffee shop for coffee, tea for me, and we split a blueberry muffin. Once we were back at the apartment we chilled and ate wayyy too many pretzel crisps dipped in white chocolate peanut butter. I was so full for the next 4 hours or more until we finally decided we were hungry enough to go out and get some dinner.

We were planning all day to get Mexican food and were SO excited because we had been craving it for the longest time. However, being in a new town we did not know any of the restaurants so we just picked one that seemed popular. I kid you not when I say this was the worst Mexican, if not food in general, that I have ever eaten. I mean the chips and salsa weren’t even good! And we tried to order margaritas to which the waiter responded “Oh, we don’t have alcohol here” WHAT.

I ordered the steak tacos which on the menu sounded so good describing them as large chunks of steak in a warm flour tortilla with pico de gallo and guacamole salad…Insert small chunks of steak in a greasy tortilla with literally nothing but the steak inside, no sauce, no veggies, nothing. And the rice tasted so off, almost metallic. We will never be going back there. My first thought when the food arrived “That’s all I get to eat?!”

IMG_4474 - Edited

I still ate most of it just because we had paid for it, and I was so full after. However we were so annoyed with how bad the food was (we honestly think it may have been frozen and microwaved, it did come out wayyy too quickly) that we wanted to make up for it and went to get some frozen yogurt.

Although we were both stuffed, I was so desperate for redemption I pilled the froyo on highhh.

IMG_4476 - Edited

Uh, way too many toppings. The location we went to this time had more toppings than the one we went to last week and I got a little too excited to try them all.

I was getting even MORE full but I never start something and don’t finish it, so this entire bowl was gone shortly. 😛

And cue the uncomfortable, bloated, light headed, regret stage.

Seriously for the rest of the night I had the worst headache, my stomach was uncomfortably full, and I just felt run down like I could barely move. And I did it all to myself.

Like I’ve said in at least one other post, I didn’t start this blog to only write about the good days and how perfect my workouts and diet are all the time! Um no that’s not real life. Some bloggers may just post full days of eating when they ate perfect all day, even though they rarely do, or only post their workout when they had a great one, however I post daily and I say when my workout wasn’t the best, when I could have done better, or when I failed for the day food wise.

I like to keep it real and show that even if you have a well thought out plan, a nutrition degree, and a lot of experience in the gym, even then you will still have bad days where you neglect everything you know. Nonetheless I will bounce back and make up for this and continue to live the healthy balanced lifestyle I want.

Day 33- 4.17.16

Since the day before I was so uncomfortably full pretty much the entire day, a workout was out of the question, and the day before that I was on the go too much to get a workout in. It had been two days since I had stepped in the gym and I wanted to make sure I got a good workout in today!

I was back to my normal self today: tracking, eating better, and drinking plenty of water. However, as I mentioned, I was still suffering from the day before. I was still 7-months-pregnant bloated and had a sugar headache. Along with just dragging and my body not wanting to move all that much.

I had a healthy breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon, and oatmeal, a protein bar a few hours later, then a tuna salad sandwich for lunch.

IMG_4506 - Edited

When you eat a ton of sugar filled food you tend to continue to crave it. It was hitting me hard and the boyfriend had to stop me multiple times at the grocery store from buying oreos, poptarts, and sweedish fish. Luckily we picked up none of the above. However it was HIM who when we got back to the apartment broke open a Hershey’s candy bar that he had actually bought for someone else. So I had 3 (tracked) squares of this to fight off the sugar cravings.

IMG_4511 - Edited

I was literally falling asleep on the couch and could barely keep my eyes open (after drinking a white Monster!), I’m telling you guys I did a number on myself the day before. So I managed to pull myself up and take some pre-workout because I knew I had to get in the gym. The pre-workout did NOTHING. I don’t know how that’s possible but I was still falling asleep after drinking it.

But I got my butt in the gym anyway and was determined to have a good workout. Unfortunately, my body was just not allowing it. I could barely do a warm up squat and I just felt weak, tight, and sore everywhere even though I had not worked out out in 2 days! I powered through the workout and got it done but I honestly felt like I was dying, I kept having to catch my breath and was sweating more than normal.

This all sounds a bit dramatic but when your body is not used to eating a bunch of crap it hits you and it hits you HARD. So please take my experience as a warning, if you have been eating well and following a healthy lifestyle, don’t all of a sudden pump yourself with a ton of greasy and sugar filled foods and be inactive for 2 days in a row because you will feel it. It was so frustrating for me in the gym when all I wanted was to have a good workout but my body literally would not allow it. My mind was in the right place but I felt trapped in my own body which would barely allow me to do the movements I wanted.

After my workout I felt awful but I managed to get a protein pancake in:

IMG_4522 - Edited

(Should of skipped the whip cream but I thought it would make for a prettier picture haha)

Most people have no idea how good they can actually feel if they take care of themselves. The way I felt (drained, sore, tired, weak) some people feel on a daily basis from lack of physical activity and all the unhealthy foods they are eating! However they don’t even realize it because that is an every day feeling for them.

It was definitely an eye opener for me how much better I feel when I eat healthy, stay active, and drink plenty of water. And also reassurance that what I am doing is worth while and I am on the right path.

I’m finally starting to feel a little better today and I hope I can get a lot more done! Once you decided to make the change to a healthy more active lifestyle you wont even believe how amazing your body and mind can actually feel. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.


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