Day 30 – TOO MUCH


My bad! I haven’t posted in the past 4 days but here I am to hit you with a bunch of posts and catch up! Sorry if it’s annoying :P.

This day I had wayy to much “fun” food, in my opinion. I hit all my macros/numbers correctly but I could of had more “whole” foods and done the same. This is something I want to work on more. Although i’ll have at least 2 meals per day (not including breakfast) that are strictly whole foods: lean protein and veggies, I feel like I need to be making more of my foods whole. I’ll show you what I mean in today’s FDOE (Full Day of Eating):

Breakfast started out fine but the one thing I would say was I put whipped cream on my strawberries which wouldn’t be a huge deal if I also didn’t eat a bunch of other “fun” foods throughout the day on top of that.

IMG_4427 - Edited

I had already planned out my food for the rest of the day and this next meal was kind of up in the air with a random number of carbs, proteins, and fats which didn’t seem to meet any conventional food that I could think of, so this is what I ended up coming up with:


Sara Lee 45 calorie bread with white chocolate peanut butter, chopped up cookie dough fit crunch protein bar, and cinnamon toast crunch.

Definitely a weird combination but it tasted good and finished up my macros!

Next meal still wasn’t a “whole” meal:

IMG_4436 - Edited

Cinnamon protein cake, strawberries, and more ff whipped cream.

My next meal was a skinny cow salted caramel ice cream bar and a butter popcorn flavored rice cake.


See what I mean!? What kind of meal is that!?

Finally, my next meal contained some real food: grilled chicken, ground turkey, and asparagus which did not look pretty so no picture included.

Later I ate 2 more butter popcorn flavored rice cakes and a cookies and cream protein bar before bed.

Only one of my meals had some lean protein and a vegetable! I’m not okay with that. I still want to enjoy all these “treats” on a daily basis but instead of eating them all day long I need to pick and choose a few and eat them in moderation.

Besides all that, I had a pretty decent shoulder and tricep workout. The lighting in the gym I was in was showing my shoulders great! But I had to stand like 15 feet away from the mirror under the light to get it and the pictures didn’t come out great from that far away. I took a few close up but once I moved closer there was no lighting over me. The struggles.

IMG_4494 - Edited

You can’t really see it but my shoulders are starting to round out nicely and my biceps are coming along too! Just have to keep working.


3 thoughts on “Day 30 – TOO MUCH

    • Samantha says:

      Thanks Bhanu, I got a little behind but just uploaded 2 blog posts to make up for it! You won’t be too proud of me after reading my next blog post, just trying to keep it real! Haha I will keep working however, never giving up! Hope you are well!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bhanu says:

        I always say- Don’t go too hard with yourself, you are already doing amazing. Just do what it takes. As long as things keep coming.

        Waiting for the post.

        I am well. Thanks.

        Liked by 1 person

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