Day 28- Carb Cycling Grocery Haul


Am I the only one who loves going grocery shopping and sharing what I bought with people? And looking at other peoples grocery hauls to see what they got? Yeah, probably.

Today I will be sharing another grocery haul with you! (see other “grocery haul” type posts herehere, and here)

But first I want to share my breakfast, it was a little different today. For my fat source I used peanut butter instead of turkey bacon. I found my favorite peanut butter ever during this grocery trip and couldn’t wait to break into it. So i put a few grams of it in my oatmeal. If you have never tried peanut butter in your oatmeal you should definitely give it a go! It melts in the hot oatmeal and is absolutely delicious, especially if you also put some fruit in there.


Shout out to the little Mermaid mug ❤

Just a little tip to try in your oatmeal next time. But onto the grocery haul!

IMG_4320 - Edited

So since I am currently carb cycling (all a part of this trial and error experience to find out what my body responds to best, plus it’s just fun and good for the body to switch things up!) I needed, er wanted, some new carb sources. Although I would have been perfectly fine just adding more sweet potatoes and rice into my higher carb days, lets face it, this way is a lot more fun.

So for some new carb sources I got low calories bread, whole wheat tortillas, cinnamon toast crunch (CTC!), mini pretzels, bananas, and some more rice cakes. I have never tried this butter popcorn flavor before!? I hope it’s good.

IMG_4319 - Edited

I also picked up some more veggies. We will get fresh veggies weekly but we also always have frozen veggies stocked. Frozen veggies are just as nutritious as fresh veggies since they are frozen at their peak preserving all the nutrients with them, yet are easy and convenient. We never have an excuse to not have veggies with our meal because we will just microwave some of these up in 2 minutes. We usually get green beans or asparagus for our fresh veggies and then we always have a salad with dinner. My salad usually consists of a spring mix base, bell pepper, cucumber, and balsamic vinaigrette. The boyfriends are always way more exciting: on top of what I put he’ll add carrot, fat free cheese, chick peas, and almonds. I love all those and could add them but less toppings usually fits my macros better :P.

IMG_4318 - Edited

Although we have plenty of chicken, ground turkey, salmon, cod, and egg whites from our Costco trip, I had to pick up a few more protein sources. More whole eggs, protein bars, and I saw Walmart had my favorite peanut butter so of course had to get that! While it;s more of a fat source than protein I just threw it in here. It is White Chocolate peanut butter and I wouldn’t call it a “health” food but its absolutely delicious.

IMG_4317 - Edited

Next you have your dairy (which is also protein but whatever, I felt like separating it). I picked up some more fat free cheese which I will use in my eggs, in salads, in wraps, and to make healthy pizza. Then I got some skim milk, half & half for the boyfriends coffee, and fat-free, sugar-free whipped cream! I am so excited for this I had no idea it existed! I bought this to put on strawberries for dessert and a few other things (stay tuned for tomorrows post).

IMG_4417 - Edited.jpg

Lastly, and yes this deserves it’s own category, I decided to try these Frozen Greek Yogurt bars! They had too many good flavors and the macros were too good to pass up. Ya’ll know how I love my dessert. Has anyone ever tried these before? For one bar it contains: 100 calories, 16g carbs, 2g fat, and 5g protein. Stay tuned for my review!

And that concludes everything I picked up in today’s grocery haul! I can’t wait to share with you how I use these foods on my high and low carb days to hit all my numbers perfectly. You can already see how I used them in yesterdays post for a moderately high carb day.

Today was a normal carb day, I had a few protein bars, some mini pretzels with more peanut butter, and the rest was lean meats and veggies.

Tomorrows post however is a lowww carb day so that will be exciting …. not. I am taking the day off from the gym since I will be low on energy due to the lack of carbs! But I’m already planning for Friday which is my highest carb day! Gonna be a good one 😉

What are your thoughts on carb cycling? Feel free to ask any questions about carb cycling or its benefits/why I am carb cycling!

P.S. – Today’s workout was back and biceps! Also feel free to ask any workout/exercise questions you have!

Sweaty Post-Workout Selfie Sesh:


Have a good one!


4 thoughts on “Day 28- Carb Cycling Grocery Haul

    • Samantha says:

      Normandy blend is a good one! I still haven’t tried the bars yet either but I can’t wait I’m sure they’ll be good 🙂 I’ll let you know!


    • Samantha says:

      They were good! Different from ice cream since their made from yogurt but still good and I didn’t feel bad eating it at all! Can’t wait to try all the flavorssss

      Liked by 1 person

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