Day 27- FDOE: First Day of Carb Cycling


Today I wanted to share a FDOE (Full Day of Eating) on my first day of carb cycling. Carb cycling is the idea of having certain days be lower carb while others are moderate and high carb days. This replaces the cheat meal to help keep your metabolism running efficiently. But you can basically have a “cheat meal” on your high carb day because your carbs will most likely be double what they normally are. For me the first day of carb cycling was a moderately high day, so you’ll be seeing more carbs than usual in my FDOE. I will also be sharing what I eat on the lower carb days to show how you can stay full all day without eating many carbs.

Breakfast same as usual:

IMG_4289 - Edited

Turkey bacon, strawberries, 1 whole egg, 110g egg whites, oatmeal

Pre- cardio snack: (30 minutes LISS, 10-12 incline @ 3.0-3.5)

IMG_4298 - Edited

Best protein bars. Tastes like a candy bar

Post Cardio Meal:

IMG_4311 - Edited

Baked chicken in a whole wheat tortilla with fat free mozzarella cheese and salsa. Heated up in skillet.

Pre-Workout Snack:

IMG_4321 - Edited

Cinnamon Toast Crunch! with almond milk

Risked my life in tornado warnings to go out and get this cereal 

Post Workout Meal:

IMG_4331 - Edited

Bedtime Snack:

IMG_4338 - Edited

1 mini bag Lime & Salt popcorn- AMAZING

I also plan my workouts around my carb cycling. On higher carb days I will do a larger muscle groups such as legs or back. And on my low carb days I rest.

Today I worked out legs and abs, it was a good one. I made sure I put all that good food to use and really got a good sweat going by taking short breaks in between each set. When I say I worked legs I really mean quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Make sure you hit all the different leg muscles for symmetry. Don’t just do a ton of quad exercises and end up with huge quads and tiny calves :P.

Leg workouts are always the longest and most draining since there are so many different muscle groups in the legs. You don’t have to do them all at once, you can split it up throughout the week and work hamstrings and glutes one day and quads and calves on another for example. Whatever works best for you!

What would be your go to snack on a high carb day?


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