Day 25-Cheat Meal!


So I’ve been having one “cheat” meal a week, basically to keep my sanity and increase my leptin and ghrelin levels (both regulate appetite while leptin regulates body weight and fat mass). If you diet for too long on too low of calories then your leptin and ghrelin levels will continue to decrease. Which is bad because this effects your metabolism making it harder for you to lose weight (essentially). So it’s important not to “diet down” or keep your calories too low for too long. Hence why people have cheat meals or do carb cycling (which I’m actually starting on Monday :)!).

But enough of the boring science (jk I love you science) and onto the cheat meal.

I had to make sure I got a good workout in since I was having a cheat meal today, but when it came time for my workout I was feeling kind of tired. Solution = Pre-workout. I take this only when I’m tired and need a boost to get in the gym and also if I’m working a big muscle group. Since I was doing back and biceps I totally deemed pre-workout necessary.


This is the pre-workout I use, and the only one I’ve ever tried for that matter. Tastes good and does the job so no complaints. Pre-workout can give you a “tingly” effect in your arms, legs, or in my case this day: my face. I guess since I hadn’t used pre-workout in awhile it hit me hard. Haha I don’t mind the tingly feeling however, just a little strange. It got me extremely pumped for my workout and I had a pretty good back and bicep workout with 15 minutes of cardio.

After finishing up my workout and showering/getting ready, the boyfriend and I headed out to go see Batman vs. Superman. We held out since everyone said it was awful but decided we needed to see for ourselves. We didn’t have time to eat dinner and were starving so we stopped at Chick-fil-A ❤ and ate in the car:

I had 12 grilled chicken nuggets and a superfood side salad (kale, broccolini, and craisons in a maple vinaigrette- soooo good). I get this every time now instead of the fruit cup as a side. I ate this along with a packet of ketchup and an unsweetened tea (#unsweetteaislife).

During the movie we snacked on protein bars as usual. As far as the movie goes I loved it! I don’t know what everyone is talking about, or maybe it’s just because I’m a huge Superman fan (seen all the previous movies and spent 10 years of my life watching Smallville) but I thought it was well done and I can’t wait for the Justice League movies! I’m definitely an action movie type girl- you couldn’t drag me to go see a “romance” movie.

After the movie, it was time. We headed into Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt and I just went HAM (I know, no one says that anymore).


Cookies & Cream and Cake Batter swirl froyo, mini chocolate chips, crumbled oreos, cookie dough balls, fruity pebbles, 3 cherries, gummy bears <3, and 2 gummy worms.

This was actually the best frozen yogurt I have ever had. Props to Sweet Frog. I will be going back.

With all my meals and frozen yogurt included I only went over on carbs (by about 100 grams) but my fat and protein were still fine. I was guestimating for the froyo however since I didn’t actually weigh anything out.

IMG_4233 - Edited

Ab check: It’s actually very annoying because in person I have way more abs but I can never capture them in photo. C’mon abs, quit being shy.

What would your cheat meal look like? I’m thinking donuts for my next one… or Mexican food. We’ll see.



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