Day 24- I failed


Failure is not a negative word, unless you make it one. That is if you let that failure lead to anger, or you use it as an excuse to give up. Failure is great- it means you tried something new unsure of how it would turn out. Failure is a learning opportunity, if you fail then you know what you did wrong for next time.

I failed at a few things today, it was a pretty good day 😛

IMG_4166 - Edited

I started off my day with a great breakfast then got ready and got in the gym for my first of 2 workouts I had planned for today. I did a few leg exercises to make up for my not-so-great leg workout the night before, and some abs, as well as 30 minutes of cardio.

Then I went home and ate & did a few other things:

IMG_4174 - Edited

Baked cod, asparagus, salad, and 2 rice cakes.

I decided I wanted to try this protein cake recipe, again (for the third time) since the first time was a major fail and the second was better, but I knew I could still make it even better.

The first time I made the cake I had the flour measurements all wrong, and I under cooked it. It came out dense and runny and we ended up throwing it away after the boyfriend and I had a piece each:


You can see the gloss on it from being under cooked and the density of it. Did not taste good at all either!

So next time around I tried again! Fixed the flour measurements and it was much better. However it did break in half when I tried to take it out of the pan haha- note to self: more spray next time. Oh, and you all saw in Day 15 how the sprinkles came out and just how beautiful the whole thing looked … not.

IMG_3651IMG_3655 (1)

Much better but still not exactly how I wanted it.

Today, I tried coconut flour and a few other things differently to give it a different texture and lower the carb count. Let me say it finally came out beautifully! Oh and I made a cinnamon swirl cake instead of vanilla birthday cake this time (used cinnamon protein powder and a cinnamon truvia swirl topping). The texture was much better but the coconut flour gave it a slight coco-nutty taste which i’m not a huge fan of. Will be trying this again and I think next time i’ll try almond flour! Let the failures continue until I get it right 🙂

IMG_4190 - EditedIMG_4191 - EditedIMG_4192 - Edited
I don’t care what picture or recipe you see someone post that makes you think: “how is everything they do so perfect!?” or “how are they just so photogenic!?”. You have no idea how many failures, adjustments, redos, touch-ups, and whatever else went into that one perfect picture you see. So if you fail, don’t give up, learn from it and keep trying until you get it right.

My next failure of the day was missing my second workout! I planned to workout later with the boyfriend after work but when the time came, and after a long day of work on his feet, neither of us were really feeling it, so we decided to save it for tomorrow. Not a huge deal considering I already got a small workout and some cardio in earlier that day. But I did write in yesterdays post that I planned to do a 2-a-day and I failed at that!

My last failure of the night came with my 9pm snack- I was having banana and peanut butter and for some reason the idea popped in my head that a banana and peanut butter stack would make a cute picture… wrong again haha. It came out very strange looking so instead I snapped a pic and sent it to my sister laughing at how it turned out. I was also left with no picture to use for the snack. But here it is in all its glory:


Oh and it gets worse….



Mmmmmm that peanut butter doe.

All in all it was a fun day of trying new things, failing at some, and laughing it off. Don’t be afraid to try something new; whether it be in the gym and you’re afraid you’ll end up looking silly (don’t worry we’ve all been there), to trying out a new recipe in the kitchen (or coming up with your own), to going out and testing a new skill or hobby. What’s the worse that can happen? You try, you laugh, you learn, you try harder, then you succeed.

Go try something new and don’t be afraid to fail. What will you try today?


5 thoughts on “Day 24- I failed

  1. Bhanu says:

    Interesting day and lot of learnings.
    Your frankness in stuff amuses me.
    Good to see.

    I m having some retrospection at my side, I m not challenging myself to do something new but I m trying to improvise on whatever I have been already doing. Did a post about culture, which I always want to talk about how people on this side of island are feeling shameful to preserve their culture.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samantha says:

      That’s great, sometimes it’s not doing something new but like you said it’s about getting better at what you are already doing before you move onto something new! I’m heading over to your post now, sad to hear that people would find shame in preserving their culture. Think back in history, one of the most exciting things to learn about (for me at least) was always the different cultures and ways of people. We should not all want to be the same but rather celebrate our differences and preserve them.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Samantha says:

      They’re not bad! Definitely taste nothing like real cake however haha just a different way to eat protein powder from time to time, I’m always trying to find new ways other than drinking it! But I’m still trying to perfect the recipe and then I’ll post it! The microwave single serving ones usually come out pretty good, I need to experiment more with those too 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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