Day 23- More Pizza


Since yesterday I didn’t really show much about my day (besides my breakfast) I wanted to quickly add those pictures into the beginning of this post, ya know, did’t want to waste them :P.

A few of my other meals from yesterday:


Homemade healthy pizza, for the entire pizza: 227 calories, 27 carbs, 4 fat, 22 protein (& 16 fiber). I’ll write a blog post on how I make this in the future.

IMG_4048 - Edited

Shoulder, tricep, and rear delt workout! (my rear delts are slacking and they were sore after this- need to work them more!)

Tried to get some vein pics mid workout 😛 Love to see them popping!

IMG_4079 - Edited

Sweet potato, green beans, almonds, and chicken with low sugar ketchup for post-workout meal 🙂

Okay, enough living in the past, onto today:


I had breakfast and a protein bar before heading to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio.

Post workout snack:

IMG_4158 - Edited

I made tuna salad but instead of putting it in a wrap (19 carbs) or in between 2 slices of bread (40 carbs) I decided to try it on 2 lightly salted rice cakes! (7 carbs each) Saved some carbs there for my dinner later and also was not half bad at all. First bite was weird, not going to lie, but by the second bite it was good! Haha just had to get used to it. I will definitely be doing that again!

Later I chowed down on a chocolate rice cake and headed back to the gym to do legs! (See why I split up my cardio and weight lifting workouts HERE.

IMG_4145 - Edited

I did the 30 minutes cardio earlier as you saw so that was not done after this workout. Honestly I wasn’t really feeling the workout, I felt tired and drained for some reason but walked my butt to the gym anyway and got it done- sometimes when you don’t have motivation you have to have discipline. I just super setted everything and got it done 🙂 Might not have been the best workout but it was better than not going at all. I may do another 2-a-day tomorrow just because my workouts aren’t the best until I get into SNAP fitness- maybe next week!? CAN’T WAIT. Who else gets excited to go to a new gym!? I feel like it’s been forever and I can’t wait to get under a squat rack and get on some more machines- Okay enough day dreaming about the gym :P.

Pictures are awful because I cared more about eating this than getting a good picture but dinner was amazing. 5 oz steak covered in sauteed onions, kale and quinoa salad, and a side salad.

Mmmm, I was going to have some strawberries for dessert but I was too full after all of that.

Now I’m off to my first of two workouts today! Wish me luck! I think i’ll make another protein cake today … 🙂


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