Day 22- Happiness is Pizza


In today’s post I wanted to focus on happiness. What is happiness? What does it mean to be happy? Of course the answer to those questions are going to be something completely different for everyone. It’s so important not to only find what makes you happy and keep it around, but most importantly to find it yourself.

Happiness-2zmffurllzh1we3efomw3k - Edited

I spent a lot of my younger years waiting for something or someone to make me happy. My mentality was once I buy this it will make me happy, once I get into this school, once I go on this vacation I will be happy. Once I find this type of boy I will be happy, once someone does this for me I will be happy. Putting it all off on someone else, something else, or a future time. When all I had to do was make myself happy. If only I had realized I was the one in control of my own happiness that entire time. You can’t put it all off on someone else because if they don’t live up to what you had in your mind you won’t be happy, you can’t put it all off on a material item because once you get it you’ll realize it didn’t make all the changes in your life you thought it would (thanks great marketing), and you can’t put it off for a future time because you need to be happy now, and once that time comes and passes you’ll just be looking for the next happiness destination.

You make the decision every day when you wake up to be happy or not. And all throughout the day when you face obstacles and challenges you have to continue to make that decision. And if you wake up and your not feeling it that’s okay, give yourself some time to feel whatever emotions you are feeling but remember, that does not have to indicate the way your entire day goes. There are plenty of hours and opportunities in the day to turn it around. At any moment you can change your day: 10 am, 3 pm, 11 pm, it’s never too late to make the choice to be happy and turn your day around, that way you can go to sleep saying it was a good day.

I want to take a little time going over what happiness means to me, and what it doesn’t.

Happiness is: Taking care of myself.  I love the feeling working out, eating right, getting plenty of sleep, and helping others gives me. I don’t find happiness in treating my body like trash by pumping it with alcohol and ding dongs and sitting on the couch all day. I don’t enjoy going around gossiping about everyone and revolving my life around what other people are doing. I focus my time and energy on what I am doing and what else I can do to better myself. Happiness is starting off my day with a big breakfast full of things that give me energy and fuel me for my day.


Happiness is not: A number on the scale. Although I check my weight almost everyday, the little digital number that pops up does not make or break me. I like to check often to make sure i’m on the right track. But you cannot attain happiness from a number on the scale because their is only so far it can go. You can’t step on everyday hoping for a lower number because their is a stopping point, you can’t just continue to loose weight forever nor should you want to, and once that scale stops dropping does that mean your happiness stops as well? Hell no, I don’t care what your scale says: if you are working to better yourself and taking care of yourself you are already beautiful and no number on the scale can change that.

IMG_4011 - Edited

Yes, I finally hit my lowest/goal weight but it wasn’t followed by a big celebration or an overflow of happiness. I stepped right off, put it back in the closet and went and ate a big breakfast.

Happiness is: Being around people who always show you unconditional love and who have always been there for you. Spending time and giving them as much attention as they need. Although I have many more people like this in my life nothing makes me happier than snuggling with my cat, face timing/snap chatting/texting my little sister all day every day, and being around family.

Happiness is not: Binge eating a bunch of junk food. The other night when I didn’t have a particularly good day and was way behind on my macros for the day I thought the answer was to eat half a pint of Arctic Zero with half a crumbled up chocolate chip cookie, half a crumbled up white chocolate macadamia cookie, and a cadbury cream egg at 10pm all at once and within 5 minutes. But by the end of it I was left sitting on the couch staring at the bottom of an empty carton. Why do we turn to junk food to try and make us feel better? Think back, does it ever actually work for you? It didn’t work for me, I just ended up feeling sick from the influx of sugar consumed wayyy too quickly and had to pull myself in bed feeling uncomfortable.

IMG_3720 - Edited

Happiness is: However, sometimes food can be a part of happiness. Like pizza, pizza always = happiness. Just kidding, let me explain. If you take the time to plan out a meal, go shopping for the ingredients, spend time cooking it (especially if you do it with someone else) and make an experience out of it then food can most definitely be a happy experience. I have plenty of happy memories which involve food, from cooking countless healthy meals with my boyfriend, or the two of us coming up with recipes and trying them out on our families, to my friends and I having a movie & food night, to my sister and I watching our favorite show chowing down on white cheddar popcorn, to experiencing new food out at restaurants or events with family. Food can be used along with happiness but should never be the focal point or your happiness should never be determined on the food itself.

^^ Homemade sushi & Dumplings by the boyfriend & I!

^^ Our favorite Pho spot and taking my little sister out to brunch on her birthday

^^ The biggest slice of pizza and pretzel I’ve ever seen!

^^ Post-workout impulse date at Texas Roadhouse and trying all the new foods at a Korean wedding!

^^ Getting snowed in and walking to the nearest bar/restaurant and having the best time along with some surprisingly amazing food!

So today make sure sure you are in control of your happiness, spend some time outside, call up someone you enjoy talking to, do things that make you happy, but most importantly make the decision to be happy today no matter what your day consists of and no matter what obstacles get put in your way.

What does happiness look like to you?

Hope you have a great day 🙂


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