Day 21- Trying to find abs


Good Morning!


Switched things up today and had some french toast for breakfast!


Also tried to take my cat for a walk haha not sure if i’ll be doing that again because now every time I open the front door he thinks he can just run out! After putting him back inside I went to my little gym and did 30 minutes of cardio, some abs, and stretched. I am the worlds least flexible person so I really need to spend more time stretching and working on my flexibility! We all have things we can work on and improve on- make sure your giving time to those things as well πŸ™‚ Being more flexible will ultimately help me more in the gym and help prevent injury.

I like to do my cardio and abs early in the day and separate from my weight lifting workout. The reason is because after you spend an hour or more lifting weights the last thing you want to do is then have a bunch of abs and (boring) cardio to do after the fact. I noticed I was skipping abs and cardio so much for that reason. So by separating it I’m okay with doing them while I’m fresh and then later on I know all I have to focus on is weight lifting and then I’m done! When I usedΒ to leave for work early back in Georgia I would get up at 5 am and go do 30 minutes of cardio outside then come back in, cook myself breakfast, pack up all my meals for the day, drive an hour to work, work for 9 hours, drive an hour to the gym, workout for at least 1.5-2 hours then drive home, cook myself dinner, clean everything up, shower, and get in bed. Also some nights having to cook some chicken or ground turkey for work the next day. But I loved it (minus the hour drive to work and back) I was committed and dedicated and did not mind having to do all of that one bit. If you are serious about something and you find something that you really care about you will find the time for it; “I don’t have the time” should never be an excuse. There is always time, make sure you are making your days and the time you are given count.

IMG_3958 - Edited

After my workout I had some cod, green beans, and unsweetened tea. Then I grabbed a power crunch bar and was off to get some things done with the boyfriend!

IMG_3986 - Edited

I found some decent ab lighting in my apartment! It’s not much but it’s getting there, I can see some lines forming. Abs are only made in the kitchen, you can do all the ab exercises and cardio you want but if your diet isn’t right they will always be hidden. The only way to bring them out is by improving your diet!

IMG_3980 - Edited

As you can see I’ve got some upper and side abs forming but the lower abs “pooch” will only come with time and continuing to improve my diet. Wish me luck πŸ™‚❀


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