Day 20- Full day of eating


Yes. This “Days” thing will end! And I will move onto my next phase (which will be announced then). But for now I’m counting all the days of my “cut” a.k.a trying to loose fat, get lean, and build muscle. I am trying to get to a lower body fat percentage, which if done correctly will take time but lead to lasting results instead of just a quick fix that you will bounce back from almost immediately. I have a general idea of how long I want this cut to take but it is also my first time doing it so I’m just going with the flow and making adjustments as needed. We’ll see how many days it takes 🙂

This day I decided to take pictures of everything I ate and do a full day of eating!

IMG_3928 - Edited

I like to start off my morning with green tea and an apple cider vinegar drink. I just mix about 16-20 oz of water with ~ 2 cap fulls of ACV, 1 packet of truvia, and a couple dashes of cinnamon. ACV has plenty of health benefits ranging from boosting your energy, helping with digestion, naturally detoxing the body, curbing your appetite, preventing diabetes, and lowering cholesterol (to name a few). I used to take a shot of it every morning or mix a tablespoon or two with some water and drink it that way but I finally decided to stop torturing myself and now I drink it this way instead! I actually rather enjoy it now! It may take others some getting used to however. Make sure you get the raw, unpasteurized ACV, this has the protein enzymes fully intact and will give you the most health benefits.

IMG_3879 - Edited

I pretty much always have eggs (1 whole egg, 110 g egg whites) and turkey bacon for breakfast. It’s the grain that varies between oatmeal (mostly- this will be your best/healthiest choice) a pancake, waffle, piece of french toast, or just toast with jam or peanut butter. Don’t think you always need to eat the same foods over and over- eat what you like in moderation and be smart about your choices :).

IMG_3886 - Edited

My morning also always consists of snuggles from this babe ❤

IMG_3896 - Edited

After breakfast I wrote a blog post then got ready and went to the gym for 30 min of cardio (while watching Chopped :P) and some abs.

IMG_3927 - Edited

I ran back home and grabbed one of these bars (delicious, like eating a cookie covered in chocolate) before running out for some errands.

IMG_3899 - Edited

When I got back I had 120 g fage 0% Greek Yogurt mixed with WF Zero Calorie Maple Syrup, 50 g strawberries, and some cinnamon.

IMG_3907 - Edited

Later on when I got hungry for my next meal I had 4 oz of top round steak and 100 g of asparagus. YUM- steak has always been my favorite food!

IMG_3913 - Edited

Insert boredom eating 1 hour later : 1 banana cookie and a cup of green tea.

IMG_3926 - Edited

Finally I made it to my pre-workout snack of 1 caramel corn rice cake topped with 10 g peanut butter (sweet and salty is a magical combination).

For the workout I did some legs: glute and hamstring focused.

IMG_3917 - Edited

Post workout meal (dinner) consisted of 120 g baked chicken breast with 100 g sweet potato and a side salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing. I like to sprinkle my sweet potatoes with cinnamon and my absolute favorite is to put some peanut butter on a hot sweet potato so it melts mmmm (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it).

IMG_3920 - Edited

Finally my bedtime snack consisted of protein pancakes (not pretty I know, the batter was too thin) made with 15 g vanilla protein powder, 1 whole egg, some cinnamon and vanilla extract. Covered with WF maple syrup of course. We just ordered 15 bottles of that stuff online because the closest place to get them is an hour away and we go through about 1 bottle/week.

And that concludes my full day of eating! As you can see I love to eat so I really enjoy splitting my meals up into 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day. If you are someone who doesn’t like to spend as much time eating (who are you) or are just too busy throughout the day to get 5-6 meals in, then 2-3 big meals or 4 moderate sized meals are perfectly fine as well. Whatever works best for your lifestyle! As always, I think the key is just to stay consistent with whatever you choose. Oh, and of course make sure you are drinking a big glass of water with every meal as well as throughout the day/during workouts. I aim for a gallon of water per day.

Hope this helps anyone with some meal ideas or opening up to a new style of eating rather than the traditional 3 big meals per day! My mindset is to eat every few hours to keep me full, prevent overeating or binging, and satisfy my love for food. Remember, think of food as fuel for your body instead of a reward or a punishment.

Make smart choices today, start with changing something small. Maybe switching out any sugar filled drinks for water or making 1 meal healthy today. It doesn’t have to be an over night change or anything drastic. In fact, I strongly recommend against that because it sets you up for unrealistic standards and leads to failure/regressing back to your old ways. So pick something small for today, and pat yourself on the back at the end of the day for completing it, no matter how minuscule it may seem. What is one healthy change you can make in your life today?

Let me know!


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