Day 16-I’m an unsupervised child.


Last day of March…but can’t it be summer already!? This will be my first summer in Texas though, hopefully it’s not TOO hot.

Honestly I should not be allowed to go grocery shopping alone, I’m like an unsupervised child in a candy store. Along with getting a lot of healthy protein sources and fruit I got…


Okay so not too bad- I could have gotten dill pickle chips and mega stuffed oreos (2 of my faves). But I mean I HAD to get some Cadbury creme egg’s- their only around this time of year and I haven’t had one yet! I really wanted to try the carrot cake Hershey kisses but no such luck finding those, i’ll have to wait until next year. Those “Perfect Cookies” seemed interesting, I probably wouldn’t buy them again just because $1.50 for one cookie is kind of ridiculous but they had decent macros- average carb and fat but also 10g of protein per cookie! I was thinking of having one with some tea or topping either a protein mug brownie or some arctic zero with one (oh the possibilities).

I really need to stop drinking Monsters. I’ve been having about one a week! But the white one is my absolute favorite, and they had a new flavor- Pink Lemonade! I’m sure it will be good, and i’ll cut back on them to maybe 1-2/month…starting next week. 😛

So I’m not really sure what this post had to do with fitness or health (I am a Nutritionist, I promise) but it just goes to show you don’t have to completely cut everything out when trying to get in shape, or just living a healthy life for that matter. You can live a balanced AND healthy life. For example the stuff in the picture above will probably last me 3 weeks-1 month. Because I won’t sit down and mindlessly eat it all at once. In fact I picked those things up yesterday and I haven’t had any of them yet. If there’s one thing I preach it’s moderation. I like to plan out my “treats” and really enjoy them. Making it more of a pleasurable, positive experience. Rather than eating a bunch of junk and feeling guilty/awful after.


I also picked these up- just plain, lightly salted rice cakes. 0 fat and only 7 carbs per cake. Perfect to top with peanut butter, banana, chocolate chips, jelly, Nutella… you get the idea. Since they basically have no nutritional value you can use it as a base for whatever you want to eat and it adds volume and fullness to your meal/snack! Instead of spreading peanut butter over a 120 calorie, 19 carb slice of bread i’ll use one of these.

And instead of eating any of my new snacks I had my Reeses egg that I planned yesterday!


After the grocery store I did 40 minutes of cardio while watching Chopped- my favorite food network show. And then cooked dinner:


For some reason this meal really filled me up and I was sleepy and uncomfortable after eating it. I ate around 7:30pm and my plan was to go to the gym and do a back and bicep workout after dinner- but no way I was going to make it after that unfortunately. I was definitely bummed because I took the day before as my off day from lifting so I hadn’t lifted any weights in 2 days! But that’s okay I’m just going to make up for it today by doing my back & bi workout along with today’s leg workout. I’m not getting behind on my schedule!

I finished off my night with some protein cake and strawberries with a cup of green tea. I drink 3+ cups of green tea/day- have been for years, not only do I love the taste and drinking something hot, green tea has endless health benefits when you drink multiple cups daily.

And how cute is my cat mug!?

Go kick some butt today guys!


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