Day 13- I Love Breakfast


It’s official. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. When I was younger I always had breakfast and then an hour or two later I would tell my mom I was going to have second breakfast. Breakfast for dinner nights were always cherished, and cracker barrel is my favorite restaurant (I only get their breakfast). So if you don’t like breakfast we can’t be friends.


I get way too excited for breakfast every morning, the rest of my meals are whatever I throw together but breakfast is always planned. And it’s kind of depressing when it’s over, I have to stop myself from immediately having a second breakfast.

Anyone getting sick of protein pancakes yet!? Cause I’m not!


Topped with strawberries, bananas, Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter, and WF pancake syrup

For my workout I did some biceps, triceps, abs, and 15 minutes of cardio! Should be going to pre-sign up for SNAP Fitness today and SO EXCITED to get in there.

Eating wise for the rest of the day I pretty much had Easter left-overs, some almonds, tuna salad, and THIS:


I kid you not when I say I literally freaked out when I saw this in the freezer section of Walmart. I have been checking so many stores and look every time I go that it got to the point where I was just checking out of habit but ready for disappointment and then…. THEY HAD IT. I had to cover my mouth because I realized I was screaming with excitement (my boyfriend might have been slightly embarrassed). But you guys, I love Arctic Zero. It’s “healthier” ice cream (still has sugar) but wayyyy less fat and carbs and calories than say a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. I mean the entire pint is only 300 calories. Now it’s definitely less creamy than regular ice cream (hence the low fat) but its cold and tastes like ice cream so i’ll take it any day. This is one of their new flavors that just came out which is why I have been looking for it- Brownie Blast- its chocolaty and has chunks of brownie pieces in it! So good- if you’re a chocolate lover get this one. The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is still my favorite though- those cookie dough bites… I don’t know how they do it. I always tell people I love food. I don’t think they understand what that means until they see me around food.

Ok, now that I’m done obsessing over ice cream…

Here are some more of my personal progress pictures! I need to get better at taking these pictures. I don’t know what I’m doing and my upper body is actually coming along great but I can never seem to really capture it in these pics. Oh well they will still be good to look back on as I progress! #ProgressNotPerfection

IMG_3553 - EditedIMG_3557 - Edited

IMG_3547 - Edited

This is awkward… but I’ve been doing glute exercises to try and grow my booty so this will be good comparison for me 😛


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