Day’s 11 & 12- Easter Weekend & Lowest Weigh In!


Started off my day right with some protein pancakes!

Nope. Not sick of them yet.

I had only gotten like 5 hours of sleep the night before, if that, so I had this energy drink before I headed to the gym:

IMG_3442 - Edited

I don’t like coffee and I didn’t deem pre-workout necessary so this was my next best choice and let me tell you- it got me through my workout. I had the best hour and a half leg workout, I was so focused and determined I actually had to make myself stop because my legs were dead and I literally could not do anymore. Now, I’m not saying that was all the energy drink- yes it helps that I normally don’t have much caffeine on a daily basis so i’m a little more sensitive to it- but, I used that drink mentally to tell myself I had energy. I also blasted the music in my headphones and really focused on the work I was putting in- not thinking about anything else I had to do that day or the amount of sleep I had the night before. Sometimes that’s all it takes, tricking your mind. With that being said, by the time I was done, got back to my apartment and took a shower, I was asleep on the couch :P. But hey I got my workout in and over with.

Before I passed out though I had only half of this protein bar because this thing is a MONSTER (I finished the other half after my nap lol) :


Later the boyfriend and I had some yogurt bowls (FF Greek yogurt with WF maple syrup and crushed up chocolate rice cakes) and I also had this meal:


Then we chilled for a little bit before we headed out to get dinner and see Cloverfield Lane.

We ended up going to Chick-Fil-A because I LOVE Chick-Fil-A and the closest one is 30 minutes away where the movie theater is. I got a 12 count grilled chicken nugget and a superfood side salad which is kale, broccolini, and craisons in a maple vinaigrette and it is life.

We snacked on a protein bar each during the movie (which was AMAZING- I recommend you go see it if you haven’t yet), then called it a night.

As you can see from this post I eat a TON of food. But when you workout hard your body needs a lot of food. Also, if you eat healthier, more nutrient dense foods, you get to eat more than if you just ate a Cheeseburger, fries, and coke-which would be like 3 of my meals in one- just food for thought.


The following morning was Easter!! And for this day we had wayyy to much good food planned for me to be worried about tracking and seeing if I could fit it all in, so I decided not to track this day and just try and make the best decisions I could (we’ll see how I did…)

** Not to mention I woke up at my lowest weigh in of 108.8! Hard work pays off 🙂



IMG_3527 - Edited



Healthy Protein Cake 😀

As you can see I had a day filled with a lot of good food, no stress, no overeating or binges, I simply just enjoyed my day. I easily could have tracked and made most of those foods still work, maybe not all, but I wasn’t too worried about it. It’s okay to enjoy yourself in a healthy way every once in awhile and not stress over how much your eating or what you are putting into your mouth, especially if it’s special occasion and you just want to enjoy your time with your friends and family. As long as when the next day comes you are ready and focused to get back on track with your goals and you don’t punish yourself for the day before. I made sure I got a good shoulder workout and some cardio in on Easter as well to make sure I put all that good food to use.


Hope ya’ll had a great weekend! Happy Easter from me and this little bunny ^^


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