Day 9-Keeping it real


So today just wasn’t a good day. It happens. I had every intention to make it to the gym but my workout wouldn’t have been as good as it could be, so I figured i’d save it for tomorrow and just go with the day.

My lunch was great however, had these pancakes for the 4th time in a row (I’m a repeat offender I know but they’re just so darn gooood) and made this little bowl of non-fat plain Greek yogurt mixed with a few drops of Stevia sweetener, strawberries, and a chopped up power crunch french vanilla creme protein bar- so good like eating vanilla wafers!

Bad days happen, I still got some stuff done and made the best I could of it, tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity!

And if you’re ever having a bad day just remember:

Off to go find some white chocolate peanut butter…



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