Day 8- Green Beans & Ice Cream


Good Morning! (Well, almost afternoon now…)


Breakfast was the same as always (food scale trying to photo bomb in the background).

Today I went grocery shopping and decided to do a little “haul” showing what I picked up!

IMG_3304 - Edited (3)

Picture’s not that great but all I have is an iPhone, bear with me. From left to right you got your protein sources to your carb sources and then some random stuff thrown up front :D. Picked up some tuna, eggs & egg whites, chicken, ground turkey, turkey bacon, protein bars, strawberries, salsa, salad mix, blue corn tortilla chips, Special K cereal, bread, low carb tortillas, mio, tea, and some other random stuff! Am I the only one who actually enjoys grocery shopping? Oh and there’s some sprinkles in there for a protein cake I’m going to be making soon!

Side note: I CAN’T STOP EATING THESE PANCAKES- it’s been 3 days in a row now. So good and barely any carbs. Recipe here.

IMG_3280 - Edited

After grocery shopping I came home and chilled with this babe ❤ (no makeup or editing, you’re welcome :P) and did a much needed organization of the pantry (seriously lacking shelves- who’s design was that).

Then the boyfriend and I went and had one of our best workouts in a looong time. Music was blaring and sweat was pouringgg. We did chest and legs (random I know but you do what you feel sometimes). Felt so great and really got me pumped to keep working hard.

Post workout eats: (also a bowl of special K cereal not shown)

So the new gym here wont be opening until mid- April, not next week like I thought :(. Going to have to keep trying to get the best workouts I can in my little gym until then. Unfortunately I don’t think you can just sign up for a gym for a few weeks- I’m sure they all have contracts- so making due for now but my workouts could definitely be a lot better. Staying Positive about it though and doing what I can!

Go do something great for yourself today!


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