Day 7- 1 week in


Since i’m a week in I retook all my measurements to see where i’m at:

Weight: 109.6 lbs

Body Fat %: 17.8%

Waist: 25.25 inches

Hip: 31.5 inches

Butt: 35.25 inches

Thigh: 19.875 inches

Shoulders: 37.5

You can see my starting measurements from a week ago HERE.

So, in summary- although my weight hasn’t changed that much- I ain’t mad. Because my weight is fine for my height (5’2.5″) and my lowest weight when I was lifting over this past year was 107 so it will come in time. BUT my body fat dropped 2 POINTS in this past week which means something i’m doing is working. I care way more about loosing fat then weight in general (since muscle weighs more).  I also lost .75 inches off my waist, .5 off my hips, .25 off my booty (which I want to gain back with muscle :P), a little bit off my thighs, and apparently my shoulders grew half an inch? I don’t know about that I need to make sure i’m measuring in the same exact spot? Or maybe they did grow idk – I did work them twice in the past week.

But that’s enough motivation for me to keep doing what i’m doing: continuing to workout 5-6 days /week and tracking my food. I love results 🙂

Yesterday I got a great leg workout in and finished off with some abs (first time doing abs since starting… woops). I decided to take a video of my 2 favorite “unconventional” hamstring exercises- mostly everything I do is with weights and not just body weight but these 2 exercises burn with no weight:

P.s.- I took these at the end of my workout and the first move I had to redo like 5x to get it on video because it was just not working. That’s why it’s not that great haha but you get the idea. Also, I go pretty shallow in the first move just because they are super hard and i’m not that great at them yet! Give them a try!


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