Day 6- Putting in the work


It’s SPRINGG… and I woke up to 37 degree weather here in Texas and had to turn the heat on… ok cool. Hoping that changes soon.

My weigh in today was still at 109- not surprised really, considering my weekend wasn’t filled with as hard of work in the gym as it should have, but that’s ok. One of my favorite quotes that I constantly need to remind myself of is:

IMG_2338 - Edited

It just reminds me that I can’t be upset if nothing is changing because I’m not putting in the work needed to make those changes. Which just means I’m going to have to kick ass for the rest of the week! πŸ™‚

So I stopped taking breakfast pictures because I literally have the same thing every day. Eggs, turkey bacon, and oatmeal (unless it’s the weekend). And I love it, maybe one day i’ll get sick of it, but for now I still wake up excited to eat that every day lol.

But come lunch time the dilemma started. We were all out of protein options, no tuna, no ground turkey, and the chicken was taking too long to thaw out. I thought about going to the store but I was too hungry to wait that long. So I remembered this recipe I had seen on Instagram, super simple and basically all protein. So I mixed together 1 scoop vanilla protein, 1/2 tsp baking powder, and 65g egg whites. Then I added some cinnamon and vanilla extract just to give it some more flavor. And basically you cook that like a pancake and it ends up looking like this:


Pancakes (no toppings): 136 calories, 3g carbs, 1g fat, 29g protein.

WHAT. Amazing macros for 2 big pancakes. However that’s not enough for me for 1 meal. So of course I had to top it with some peanut butter, chocolate chips, and WF maple syrup. I was going to have some rice cakes after for carbs but this actually filled me up so much I couldn’t eat anything else. I will definitely be making this recipe more if i’m in need of some protein but low on carbs.


This is what it looks like after I take the picture and before I eat it :P.

Dinner was perfect, chipolte seasoned sweet potato fries, left over green beans, and baked chicken!


We did shoulders last night, got a good quick workout in. Here’s an action shot πŸ˜›


And then after my workout I still had a ton of macros, which was challenging because it was already 9pm (I’m in bed by 10) and I wasn’t that hungry. I picked out these things that would have finished my macros up for the most part:


I downed the protein shake and skinny cow but could only manage one of the rice cakes and ended up putting the other one back. I used to plan all my meals the night before so this kind of thing doesn’t happen (having a ton of food to eat at the end of the day) so I might start doing that again.

Some progress pics for myself! Still soo much to go, hey it’s only Day 6. Going to take time if you do it the right way: Patience is key.


I just like this pic because of the way my shoulder looks! Got some striation there, I blame good lighting.



Now, time to goΒ kick some butt.


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