Day 1- The Start of Something Great


This blog will basically serve as my personal accountability for not only getting in shape, leading a healthier more fit lifestyle, but just improving my body and my mind overall. I want to become the best possible version of myself that I can be, who wouldn’t want to, we are only here once and I don’t want to waste my time here being anything less than the best, most kick-ass version of myself possible. So here it goes.

Day 1. (obviously I will be posting about my day after it happens so it will always be a day behind- which is why the heading says yesterdays date :P)

I woke up and weighed myself, took my measurements and body fat percentage and also some “before” or starting pictures.

Weight: 110.2     Body Fat %: 19.8%    Waist: 26 inches    Hips: 32 inches    Butt: 35.5 inches

Thighs: 20 inches    Shoulders (I want bigger, more muscular shoulders): 37 inches


I did want to mention that these “before/starting” pictures are not totally before I ever began lifting- I have been lifting for about a year now but basically never was 100% serious with it and over the past 2 months have fallen off… so this is more of my “starting/getting back into it” pictures I guess? Haha I don’t know but I also have some pictures of before I ever started lifting I could share as well (pictures from last year).

My current macros:

1400 calories    123g carbs    47g fat    123g protein

I use to come up with my macros (for now) until I learn what my body responds to best, which can only be done by trial and error. Then I use to track all my macros for that day and make sure I don’t go over or under :).

I used the fat loss option on to come up with those numbers. Not that I want to loose a ton of weight- I just want to loose body fat % – you can see the extra fat around my stomach and “love handles” and I know I can be leaner (I was at 17% BF a few months ago) and I’m excited to get back to that and blog my journey/how I do it along the way!

So right now I don’t technically have a gym (which is slightly depressing) I just moved to Texas and I have been using my apartment complex gym, which is fine, but very limiting in what I can do. I am in a very small town in Texas that actually only has TWO gyms and I’m not a huge fan of either- however- snap fitness is opening at the end of this month here and I’m holding out for that- should be better than my other 2 options. But i’m making due with what I have now – no excuses right!?

My Goals:

  • Loose some extra body fat
  • Become stronger/more fit
  • Have some bad-ass muscles
  • Be happy with the way I look 🙂

One key thing I want to express on this blog is that I am only trying to be the best version of ME  (hence the VS MYSELF). I know this will take lots and lots of time, patience, ups and downs, and commitment- but I am so excited. The main thing I focus on is never comparing myself to anyone other than the person I was yesterday. This blog is not about looking like a certain fitness model or having someone else’s abs, butt, legs, hair, etc. You have to be realistic with your goals and make sure you understand your body type, genetics, and also how hard you are willing to work to get what you want. I know what I can be, and it is a lot more than I am now… so lets do this!



4 thoughts on “Day 1- The Start of Something Great

  1. Bhanu says:

    I will follow you to keep myself on track. I am total zero in body fitness and no calculations whatsoever. So everything I start from here is an improvement. Let’s see if execute what I want !

    Liked by 1 person

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