Changes & New Things

So obviously I haven’t posted in what… 15 days? …. there’s no getting around that. The daily blogging was something I was doing for me, for fun, and to hold myself accountable on my journey. But when I had a day, or 15, where I just didn’t feel like blogging and it felt more like a chore or something I had to do rather than a positive addition to my day, I just didn’t do it! Simple as that :P. Now if it were for a job, or an obligation, or I had a ton of followers I would never do that. But since this is basically just for me, I waited until it was something I wanted to do again. Call it a vacation 🙂 But I’m back and I don’t think this time around I will be doing the daily blogging or the “days” anymore. Just rather when I have something new to share: advice, tips, workouts, recipes, i’ll share them!

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Days 44-47: BALANCE

Days 44-47 (4.28-5.01) just didn’t have anything too exciting to each have their own blog post. I normally don’t blog over the weekend anyway but there’s also just not always something to say about each and every day! I don’t want to get too repetitive since I eat a lot of the same foods and let’s face it my life just isn’t that interesting some days 😛 .

I had a great relaxing weekend with the boyfriend: we worked out (legs, abs, back), ate some good food, and watched a movie every night: The Revenant (2015), Congo (1995), and Crocodile Dundee (1986). I had never seen any of the 3 and I LOVED all of them! I love older movies as well as action/adventure/survival type plots.

Here are some pictures of the food we had over the weekend. Definitely indulged and in tomorrows blog post I will show you how I bounce back after a long weekend of indulging. Also, make sure you read the text at the bottom because I talk about balance and not stressing too much over your diet and exercise!

IMG_4882 - Edited

Traded my regular morning oatmeal for some peanut butter and banana toast!

That green though 🍃🍋 #nofilter •mango, spinach, lemon, banana, vanilla protein powder, peanut butter, yogurt & almond milk 💚#smoothie #instafood #foodporn #foodie #food #foodblogger #healthy #healthyfood #healthyeatting #greensmoothie #spinach #gym #gymlife #healthylifestyle #flexibledieting #nutritionist

Is that not the most gorgeous natural green color you’ve ever seen!? Spinach, mango, banana, vanilla protein powder, peanut butter, yogurt, and almond milk.

IMG_4928 - Edited

TEXAS HAS IN-N-OUT. Being originally from New York and then Georgia, this was my first time trying their food!

IMG_4932 - Edited

It definitely lives up to the hype! Got our burgers animal style. Not pictured: the chocolate shake that I dipped my fries in 🙂

IMG_4937 - Edited

Steak smothered in sauteed onions and mushrooms with a side salad. Once again, cared more about eating it warm then getting an amazing pic haha. P.S.- That’s sriracha not ketchup!

IMG_4944 - Edited

Had to make these zucchini noodles again! Used the “thick julienne” attachment this time and used 4 zucchini instead of two!

IMG_4946 - Edited

Steak again topped with a fried egg, zucchini noodles, and cajun sweet potato fries (more were eaten than pictured here). This steak was perfectly cooked! (rare)- props to the boyfriend.

I really slacked in taking pictures this weekend! Also consumed were some chocolate covered raisins not shown, more homemade smoothies, more salads, as well as a late night run to sonic for a cookie dough and snickers ice cream blast! I get the kids size- they call it a “mini”- and its the perfect size. The small is just too big and if I order it I WILL eat it all. I wish I took a picture of the mini to show the size! Next time. (which won’t be for a while). And yes I had steak two nights in a row for dinner! Love me some steak, and you do need red meat in your diet too! (if you are a meat eater, that is)

If I’m not the definition of #balance right now I don’t know who is! Some people believe you have to be 100% strict and only eat “clean foods” all the time and some people believe “if I’m going to eat bad there’s no point” and forgo all the salads and healthy options and just fit in as much junk as they possibly can everyday.

I’m not prepping for a body building show or a photo shoot, and I don’t care right now if I’m up an extra pound or two because I indulged in ice cream and candy. I care about taking care of my body, feeling good, being happy, and enjoying my time/making memories with others. As long as I’m healthy (and yes, all my blood levels say I am :P) and happy, that is all I care about.

And I’ll work my butt off in the gym because I LOVE working out. I love the feeling it gives me, the rush of adrenaline, I love sweating out any frustrations and always leaving in a good mood, and I love the mental impact being able to over come my fears and weaknesses in the gym brings to my life.

I’m not only eating salads and stressing over everything I put in my mouth, and I’m not spending hours in the gym doing endless cardio to try and burn more calories. I am enjoying my food and my workouts.

IMG_4886 - Edited

Say hello to my morning face and bruised leg!

IMG_4895 - EditedAnd just some proof that a little balance works! This was the morning after a night of eating way too much chocolate and skipping my workout, followed by a morning of a big breakfast while drinking over 40 oz of water. I’m not saying to eat a ton of candy and don’t go to the gym and you’ll have a six pack, all I’m saying is stop stressing so much over all of it. Just trust that if you are working hard and you’re eating more good foods than bad, you will see results.

Day 41- SNAP Fitness, Mug Muffin, & Zucchini Noodles


Good Morning! Along with my eggs and turkey bacon this morning I made blueberries and cream oatmeal, instead of strawberries and cream, it was time for a change- I’ve been eating strawberries with breakfast for 40 days now 😛

IMG_4775 - Edited

Sorry for the messy bowl but honestly i’m more concerned with eating my food while it’s warm then getting a good picture and making it look all pretty 😛

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Days 39 & 40- Weekend


Ahhh the weekendddd YAY (too bad it’s Monday right now…)

I decided to try intuitive eating this weekend, simply because my workouts aren’t hard core enough to justify the carb cycling (BUT SNAP Fitness opens today and now they will!!). So I didn’t track, just tried to make smart choices off of my knowledge of macros, what my body needs, and how I felt.

We had a ton of that left over slow cooker shredded chicken to eat so I ate it 3 different ways before it was finally all gone! But it was so good i’ll definitely be making that again soon.

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Day 38- Eat Cupcakes


I decided to try another “healthy” junk food recipe today (previous recipes tried on blog: protein cake, and protein brownies) and it lead me to a realization. This time around I made protein cupcakes topped with fat free cream cheese as “frosting”. I mean, they were fine and all, fun to eat and decorate, but not necessarily good. I wouldn’t go out of my way to make these or get excited over them. They were basically just a way for me to still eat cupcakes without all the calories, fats, carbs, and sugars. But in reality they taste nothing like the real thing. Of course they don’t they aren’t made with sugar and butter.

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Day 37-My First Time Using a Slow Cooker!


Slow Cooker,Crock-Pot, whatever you want to call it, I have never cooked anything in one before! So I was super excited to try a slow cooker chicken taco recipe out!

Let me just get right to it … why have I not been cooking with a slow cooker this entire time!? The chicken turned out so flavorful and tender it just fell apart (in a good way) once I took it out. I wish I got more pictures of the process! But I have a picture of the final product:

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Day 36- Strawberries and Cream: High Carb Day


Today was high carb day! 210 grams of carbs woooo! It was actually kind of hard to do with what I had on hand in my apartment. I need to go out and buy more high carb foods for next week. But, I got it done and I made sure I had a great leg, ab, and HIIT workout to put all those carbs to use.

HIIT is High Intensity Interval training, it’s a great way to burn fat without having to walk on the treadmill for hours on end. Instead you go hard for 15-20 minutes and your done, but you’ve done as much work (if not more) as completing hours of LISS cardio. For my HIIT workout I did 20 seconds of sprinting on the treadmill at a speed of 10.8 followed by walking at about 1.5 until I felt my heart rate had gone back down completely. I repeated this 6 times and in total it took me 15 minutes to complete.

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Day 35- Mozzarella Stuffed Buffalo Chicken


Happy Birthday Mom! 🙂

I was getting pretty bored with just plain old baked chicken seasoned the same way every time so decided to switch things up! I saw this video on Facebook for mozzarella stuffed buffalo chicken breasts and immediately knew I had to make them! I knew I could make them healthy and easy to track.

The reason I stick to more “boring” meals with very few ingredients is simply because they are east to track and lower in macros. However, I want to get back to making at least one FUN recipe a week with more ingredients to share with anyone who may be interested!

Here is the link to where I found the recipe: Mozzarella Stuffed Buffalo Chicken

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